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Get Time Well Spent

Ever feel frustrated, stressed because

life’s restrictions, schedules and demands

are overwhelming?


You need a break.

You need to detach from the chaos of life;

you need to relax, be taken care of, connect and enjoy.


Breaks reduce stress, improve relationships, and can lead to a longer more fulfilled life.

Taking time out isn’t always easy, but it’s more important than ever. 


We know that some dining experiences don’t deliver

what you need.

You need value for your time

and hard-earned dollar.

You need flavourful food,

attentive service

and a killer ambience.

You need somewhere you feel

like you get that break,

you need time well spent.



and the tradition of Greek hospitality.

Smiles welcome you

and sounds of Greece relax you.

Tasteful Greek touches surround you

and resort-style outdoor dining invites you.

Taste combinations perfected over generations and carefully

chosen wines await you.

It’s your time to detach

from the stress of every day,

connect with your faves and

enjoy the moments that become memories.


we nourish all your senses

and you get that break you crave. 


So assemble your besties,

book your table

and get time well spent.


We start with the finest Greek ingredients:


(v.)  To do something with soul, creativity or love.  To put something of yourself info your work.


(n.)  The spirit of joy and enthusiasm in which good times and passion for life are expressed with an abundance of excitement, happiness and fun


(n.)  Friend to the stranger, generosity of spirit, the tradition of hospitality

these ingredients create the magic when our love for fresh flavourful Greek cuisine

combines with our passion for making guests feel welcome and happy.  


Plants in pot
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